A better way

on behalf of the children

and the facts of their lives

A broken social system is not a suitable environment in which to raise children

A healthy and well adjusted child requires a healthy and well adjusted environment in which to grow

There are no better educated minds in regards the prevention and survival of sexual abuse than those who have both prevented and survived.

Digital real-time voting on every issue, to ensure your politicians work for you and not their mates :: POLICY * Direct democracy

Democracy in Australia exists only in our parliaments; that is why Australia refers to itself as a Parliamentary Democracy.
Our Constitution only allows for democracy within the Australian Parliamentary process where your political representatives work best and firstly for their mates and then the rest of us. 
"The Parliament is at the very heart of the Australian national government. The Parliament consists of the Queen (represented by the Governor-General) and two Houses (the Senate and the House of Representatives). These three elements make Australia a constitutional monarchy and parliamentary democracy." Parliament of Australia 

Forum for popular representation

The current forum for popular representation is via a process of mandatory voting that is subject to cronyism and the personal agendas of the representative and those who financially support them or their party.  This is in direct contravention of our stated intentions of providing a democracy where citizens are free to vote and to be fairly represented.
Today we have the ability to provide direct democracy and fair representation to every Australian via a secure digital app. so that our representatives can fulfill their duty of representing their electorate based on the real wishes and wants of the Australian people that such an application can provide for us.  

Votes in parliament must reflect the will of the people

Voting on an electorate basis on each item brought to the parliament. The parliament should discuss the issues and make that discussion available to their electorate. Members of the electorate may then offer their vote via an online or mobile application. (App process description to follow)

Voters must retain their democratic right to change their vote up until a final date and time where all votes are locked in with the final decision based entirely on the will of the voters. It is then the role of the representative to represent the will of the people of their electorate in the parliament. Postal voting should remain available, as well voting can be made available through all publicly accessible government instruments to assist those without technological ability.
If less than 100 votes are received on any issue it shall be deemed to have insufficient interest from the people therefore the representative shall declare that lack of interest to the parliament. The electorate should be informed online or via the app. that insufficient interest was shown by the people in the electorate. No vote in the parliament shall be made or taken by the peoples representative in this circumstance.

On the sexual abuse, exploitation & deception of children

For those who have and for those who want to 'Hit the Wall'

There is no excuse for sexual abuse according to our law and government except when the abuse has been carried out by Catholic clergy.

"This is a matter for the church and I respect the internal judgements of the church. I donít stand outside the church and provide them with public lectures in terms of how they should behave..."

Kevin Rudd, Prime Minister of Australia, 17 July 2008.


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This is perhaps the most horrific act of abandonment perpetrated against the children of a specific religion by an Australian head of State and is recorded in our history for perpetuity as being made by Kevin Rudd on 17 July 2008, when he spoke in regards those affected by the sexual abuses carried out by Catholic clergy.http://www.pm.gov.au/media/Interview/2008/interview_0363.cfm

This is a deeply flawed and invalid response both morally and legally which includes all victims of clergy abuse being referred over to the leader of the Catholic Church or the respective leaders of other Churches or Religions when quite clearly sexual abuse by clergy is a phenomena found in many Churches and religions and it simply is not within the Prime Ministers realm to pass responsibility for those sexually abused by Catholic and non-Catholic clergy over to the Catholic church or anyone else.

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Is it any wonder our children are confused?

No wonder our children are confused - if we continually send confusing messages to our children then it is us who is acting irrationally when we demand the right to sanction them for acting in the same way we do, or in the same way our Government services do.

No amount of resources, education, laws, treatments or levels of incarceration and sanctions can educate a child to function both successfully and rationally in a society when the very society which is demanding that is unable itself to function at the levels demanded. There is no rational response to such an irrational situation.

Is it any wonder so many are confused?

Government and our religions are unable to provide and implement successful strategies in regards sexual abuses by clergy and other in the community.

Government and our religions repeatedly and stubbornly refuse to consult with the victims of these abuses by clergy and others in the community and their carers and advocates.

Is it any wonder so many are abused and re-abused?

How can they expect our children to act in a more adult and responsible manner, a manner which is above the examples set by our Governments and religious.

How irrational and foolish are we when we use sanctions against those who are unable to perform on demand at a higher level than those applying the sanctions.

Is it any wonder our children think we are foolhardy and stupid?

Of course we can always sanction our children severely for saying that we got it wrong. We can also sanction them for getting it wrong themselves in a confused world. Their need to survive and remain accepted as children will simply cause them to cede to those sanctions. This simply shows that if you beat a child hard enough and demand that he agree with you they must if they simply want to be loved by their parents and elders. If they want to ever experience the love of those who sanction they simply have no choice but to cede and conform to the power held over them - this use of power proves nothing other than acknowledging the fact that you can force someone into submission. It in no way proves your are on the right track.

Quite simply if these men genuinely had the ear of God as they say, it simply would not have taken 500 years as in the case of Mr Galilei and the shape of the earth, nor would it take very long to resolve the sexual abuse issue if they simply had 10 seconds with God.

It is clear that they simply do not have that line to Jesus Christ because quite simply if they did they would act differently.

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