A better way

on behalf of the children

and the facts of their lives

A broken social system is not a suitable environment in which to raise children

A healthy and well adjusted child requires a healthy and well adjusted environment in which to grow

There are no better educated minds in regards the prevention and survival of sexual abuse than those who have both prevented and survived.

My Broken Society :: Transcript of meeting with QCS 22/January/2010

Partial transcript of meeting with Queensland Correctional Services QCS - transcribing in progress - incomplete at the time of publication.
Video date: January 22, 2010 - 9.30AM
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uJgKiCxpFMY  Google was requested to remove this and another video - they are now available via the following links Government officer in breach of our Constitution and law  Attemptin gto cover up their mistakes
Cayce: I'm Cayce, I'm your new community services officer

JohnB: Okay

Cayce: I'll just open this up so we can access your information.

JohnB: Uhuh

Cayce: It'll just take a second

JohnB: **** (computers can be so slow)

Cayce: Yes they are so slow

Cayce: I guess the first thing I need to address with you is the t-shirt

JohnB: Why is that

Cayce: It. Because its not really an appropriate shirt to be wearing umm thats obviously the one you wore to community service

JohnB: Yes

Cayce: and obviously it can be offensive to some people

JohnB: Oh beg your pardon thats not

JohnB:  and I am offended right here andnow that you should raise that matter and I am going to say to you thatif you raise and continue to raise that matter that you breach thechurch state separation issue.

Cayce: In what way?

JohnB: That is a religious matter. thats not a police thats no a government ...

Cayce: Your not saying that

JohnB: You are out of jurisdiction

Cayce: your not ........ saying ... in the catholic .. the church

Cayce: If your saying you were molested

JohnB: You are out of jurisdiction

JohnB: Excuse me. You are out of jurisdiction if you continue to talk to me aboutthis religious matter

Cayce: Its not a religious matter at all. Its got nothing to do with the church

JohnB: I beg your pardon. What is the complaint?

Cayce: The fact that. The fact that it probably is that your suggesting that (gestures towards the shirt - assume "molested")

JohnB: I am not suggesting anything I am making a statement

Cayce: OK. So you. So you're saying that you were molested by a

JohnB: That statement is as clear as I make it

Cayce: OK

JohnB: I cannot make it any clearer.

JohnB: and then I ask a question

Cayce: OK OK I am going to go

JohnB: I am free to do that

Cayce: Yep and

Cayce OK I am going to go

JohnB: and it is not your role to involve that

Cayce:  Did you wear that to the court?

JohnB: I wear this I could go sit with politicians when I wear this shirt

Cayce: Yep and

JohnB: and the commissioner of police I wear this shirt. I havepublic meetings with ***** I wear this shirt

Cayce: Yes and

JohnB: Yep

Cayce: Irrespective of what I think and believe unfortunately itoffended for the want of a better word the people at that communityservice site

JohnB: How

Cayce: Well I don't know because you know that you don't .... you.

JohnB: Then that

Cayce:  At the end of the day you should know that there are morereligious people who will have an issue with the fact that the Oh youknow

JohnB: Yes

Cayce: they don't believe that

JohnB: Its not your role to take that up their supporting their cause

Cayce: I'm not supporting them at all

JohnB: ... then you bringing me here you bring me here to change my

Cayce: No But I am the go between. At the end of the day

JohnB: **** where government has its jurisdiction

Cayce: OH. That is well beyond my role. I. I fell for you. I completely understand ...

JohnB: Then there should be another *** pertains to the government role** and they were  ** if they are from.  I can tell what I believe thisis about in a sec

Cayce: OK Tell me what you believe this is about

JohnB: I believe this is about maggots in the garbage.

JohnB: This is a place that is open food handling

Cayce: Well I don't know of OK I am going to explain to you its not about err all I can tell you is

JohnB: That I believe is a government issue. The the fact that whatthis woman believes or does not believe has got nothing to do with youor the government or the parole people here

CayceCayce: But can't you

JohnB: I shall l continue. I shall continue to do my community work. Iwear this shirt as part of my community work  I do more. I wear thisevery day on community work and I will not have my government interferein that role.

Cayce: OK Well I think

JohnB: I will continue If you have nothing else to talk about ifmaggots are not of interest to you then I believe I will continue. Ihave 12 months to continue to finish my community service and I shalldo that.

Cayce:  But you won't be able to

JohnB: Why not?

Cayce:  Because you don't have a place to go and do it.

JohnB: I will go there. Thats where I have been assigned.

Cayce:No they have asked for you to not return

JohnB: On what grounds

Cayce:  (Sighs exageratedly) I have explained to you and now I understand

JohnB: And that is not your role to do.

Cayce: Yup

JohnB: Thats a matter of belief.

Cayce: Yup

Cayce: It is my role

JohnB: No its not

JohnB: It is not your jurisdiction ****

Cayce:  I'm I'm the go between

JohnB: If you persist. If you persist I will take this matter to HEROC(Human Rights and Equal Opportunity)

Cayce:  Do you want me to go and get our district manager?

JohnB: If that what it needs to

Cayce:  Because I believe I will not be able to resolve this because

JohnB: We are not.

Cayce: I don't think you are hearing what I am saying (indicates self)

JohnB: I understand what you are saying. I'll tell you I don't believeyou understand the separation of church and state

Cayce: I understand

JohnB: one is a matterof religion and one is the matter of your jurisdiction.

Cayce: I understand it greatly trust me

Cayce: And I know the church's record for pedophilia

JohnB: I. I am not arguing that. I am

Cayce: And and

JohnB: I am not here to discussreligious beliefs with you

Cayce: No They were

JohnB: You tell me what aspect of my conduct was there any issue tothem. Did I not perform the work asked of me?

Cayce: I  I don't know I just got

JohnB:  ..... fixed and I

Cayce: a phone call

JohnB: That where your role sits. Thats where you role sits.

Cayce: I don't know

JohnB: and I have the belief that you don't have jurisdiction.

Cayce:  OK.But at the same time (indicates to the computer)

JohnB: You will not longer **** to continue if you do get your supervisor

Cayce:  You can't return there

JohnB: If. You need to get your supervisor.

Cayce: All right Because I think we are going to have to do at the endof the day is we are going to take you to court and you can explainthis to a court

JohnB: Why should that be necessary that I should have to go to courtover a religious matter?

Cayce:  Because its not a religious matter. You are making it a religious matter. (Points)

JohnB: OH. I'm saying I am trying to ask you what this woman's issue is?

Cayce:  I understand. She was offended by your your shirt

JohnB: Then tell her to go and see a counselor or tell her to take it up with apriest

Cayce: Community service is something they've offered us

JohnB: I don't think you understand that ...

Cayce: They've They've Them They're saying that we will take offenders

JohnB: You have no idea

JohnB: I *** you are out of your jurisdiction

Cayce:  It's their right to say who they can and can't

JohnB: I think you should get your manager

JohnB: I think you should get your manager

Cayce:  OH With pleasure.

JohnB: Thank you.

Cayce: leaves the room

Cayce: returns

Cayce: Allright she is in a meeting at the moment and  with our district manager so I will have to ...spoke with my supervisor. They said if you wish to do community service and you continue to wear that top there is only one group that they would send you to and that's the Satur

JohnB: No I will continue. I will continue with the community service work that I have. I will not have my community service order changed on somebody else's belief system. I will continue as arranged unless you have some reason that the ***

Cayce: But they're entitled to have that belief system have you

JohnB: Sure. And if they have a problem with that take it to Lifeline.You have posters out the front here. Talk to her priest or minister that's a religious matter. That's not a matter for my government to become involved in.

JohnB: Now the fact that does have the potential for some people. This is a community service shirt. I have worn this shirt. There are people hundreds and hundreds of them around the world wearing them.

Cayce: but you're saying that your rights are more important than hers ..

JohnB: I am saying, I am saying what I am saying is this that you have no right to take up her cause on behalf of Corrective Services
Cayce: I do

JohnB: No you don't
Cayce: We do
JohnB:  You represent my government you are meant to treat me equally with everyone. I may be an Atheist, I may be a calathumpian or whatever

Cayce: but your saying

JohnB: You are. You are. I can say to you anything is offensive to me. That shirt is offensive, take it off.

JohnB: Alright.

Cayce: Hmm.
JohnB: And I can tell that you thats a matter of my belief

Cayce: You obviously feel very strongly about this

JohnB: I will take it to the Human Rights Commission if you attempt to enforce a change in my current circumstances based on this issue.

Cayce: Based on this issue the facts are

JohnB: Your supervisor can contact me if you have anything further to do. I should have your supervisor ring me and apologise for interrupting my day.

Cayce: We will return this to the court under a form 38 for revocation of your community service

JohnB: with that

Cayce: OK because I don't think this is going to be resolved at this level. I will certainly bring this up with my supervisor and ask him to contact you

JohnB:  Yes please.

JohnB: What is your supervisors name?

Cayce: James Male

JohnB: How do I spell that name

Cayce: James and Male. M A L E

JohnB: Does he have a contact number

JohnB: Our number which is 46161600

JohnB: 46161600. And the reference number you folk use. I'll have a number. Could you give me that?

Cayce: Yep D for delta 58902

On the sexual abuse, exploitation & deception of children

For those who have and for those who want to 'Hit the Wall'

There is no excuse for sexual abuse according to our law and government except when the abuse has been carried out by Catholic clergy.

"This is a matter for the church and I respect the internal judgements of the church. I don’t stand outside the church and provide them with public lectures in terms of how they should behave..."

Kevin Rudd, Prime Minister of Australia, 17 July 2008.


read more ... http://www.mybrokensociety.com/questions101

This is perhaps the most horrific act of abandonment perpetrated against the children of a specific religion by an Australian head of State and is recorded in our history for perpetuity as being made by Kevin Rudd on 17 July 2008, when he spoke in regards those affected by the sexual abuses carried out by Catholic clergy.http://www.pm.gov.au/media/Interview/2008/interview_0363.cfm

This is a deeply flawed and invalid response both morally and legally which includes all victims of clergy abuse being referred over to the leader of the Catholic Church or the respective leaders of other Churches or Religions when quite clearly sexual abuse by clergy is a phenomena found in many Churches and religions and it simply is not within the Prime Ministers realm to pass responsibility for those sexually abused by Catholic and non-Catholic clergy over to the Catholic church or anyone else.

read more ...

Is it any wonder our children are confused?

No wonder our children are confused - if we continually send confusing messages to our children then it is us who is acting irrationally when we demand the right to sanction them for acting in the same way we do, or in the same way our Government services do.

No amount of resources, education, laws, treatments or levels of incarceration and sanctions can educate a child to function both successfully and rationally in a society when the very society which is demanding that is unable itself to function at the levels demanded. There is no rational response to such an irrational situation.

Is it any wonder so many are confused?

Government and our religions are unable to provide and implement successful strategies in regards sexual abuses by clergy and other in the community.

Government and our religions repeatedly and stubbornly refuse to consult with the victims of these abuses by clergy and others in the community and their carers and advocates.

Is it any wonder so many are abused and re-abused?

How can they expect our children to act in a more adult and responsible manner, a manner which is above the examples set by our Governments and religious.

How irrational and foolish are we when we use sanctions against those who are unable to perform on demand at a higher level than those applying the sanctions.

Is it any wonder our children think we are foolhardy and stupid?

Of course we can always sanction our children severely for saying that we got it wrong. We can also sanction them for getting it wrong themselves in a confused world. Their need to survive and remain accepted as children will simply cause them to cede to those sanctions. This simply shows that if you beat a child hard enough and demand that he agree with you they must if they simply want to be loved by their parents and elders. If they want to ever experience the love of those who sanction they simply have no choice but to cede and conform to the power held over them - this use of power proves nothing other than acknowledging the fact that you can force someone into submission. It in no way proves your are on the right track.

Quite simply if these men genuinely had the ear of God as they say, it simply would not have taken 500 years as in the case of Mr Galilei and the shape of the earth, nor would it take very long to resolve the sexual abuse issue if they simply had 10 seconds with God.

It is clear that they simply do not have that line to Jesus Christ because quite simply if they did they would act differently.

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