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Premiers of Australia supporting September 1 2009

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Premiers of Australia supporting September 1 2009

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September 1, 2009


50+ years of coverup of the sexual abuse of children by Catholic clergy across the globe. 7 years since the global acknowledgement of a coverup in a number of countries. In those 7 years the problem has been found to extend to every country on the planet where the church exists. The numbers of abused is estimated to be in the millions.

What happens to a country and a world which has been deceived for more than 50 years by those who supposedly lead the way. The country suffers from the problems which come from and continue to come from the activities undertaken during those past 50 years by the church in its covering up of the abuses.

The response of our government appears to have been to increase its involvements and workings with this socially dysfunctional church and appears to wish to continue in that way without seeking from the church a definitive point in time for the church to respond in an appropriate manner or to give the people of Australia their democratic right to say if they wish to continue to trade with a broken Catholic church.

Without proper intervention each Australian becomes disadvantaged as there is no policy set down as to how our country should deal with the fact that the Church is unable to provide a policy itself while we all understand that is the most basic of things we need from this church so that every Australian child will not have to find a path through the hypocritical life we provide to them whilst this matter remains unaddressed in our society.

When both Church and State fail us on this scale it is the children who suffer first and suffer the most.

The Church and the Government must take positive and appropriate action. It is both inappropriate and dysfunctional for Governments right across the country to continue to trade with this church until we have a clear understanding of how both the Government and the Church make it clear to us all just how they are going to resolve the matter of the sexual abuse of our children by so many priests of the worlds' leading Christian Church.

We obviously see both Church and State repeatedly fail to act in the light of this understanding and in the knowledge of the harm this causes our world and the lives of each of us living it.

Set aside September 1st 2009 as the day the Government and the Catholic Church provide us all with a clear and appropriate set of policies making it clear to us how we can live our lives without these aberrant behaviours from both Church and Government.

Set aside September 1st 2009 as the last day we get to hear our Prime Minister utter the words "This is a matter for the Church" when he speaks of the children sexually abused by clergy.

As a caring citizen of Australia we simply take your support for granted.


John Brown

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